About Miller Ingenuity

Miller Ingenuity is the leading expert in inventing, engineering, and delivering high-technology, safety-critical solutions for railway worker protection. With decades of industry knowledge, self-directed teams empowered to innovate, and a focus on operational excellence, Miller Ingenuity equips railway operators with the ability to mobilize passengers and freight with zero error. Miller Ingenuity’s products, led by the ZoneGuard suite, offer frontline defense solutions that benefit all functional departments of railway companies. From transportation to mechanical, safety to signal, and maintenance of way to track construction, we innovate to help you achieve excellence in everyday work through increased uptime, decreased risk, and overall peace of mind.

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Rail-Safety Solutions

Roadway Worker Protection System

An innovative electronic system that improves work crew’s safety and increases efficiency by maximizing work window

DTMF by Larry McGee
Radio Control Devices

Larry McGee DTMF enables communication for safe grade crossing of hi-rail vehicles

Relok by DuraForce
Self-Locking Fastener

A patented vibration-proof fastener that locks the rail tracks for life and prevents rail derailments

Our Products

We’re out to position you as an industry leader in rail safety

Longer work windows, increased train velocity, and greater safety

Our Commitment

Zero tolerance for error

At Miller Ingenuity, we don’t wait for mandates. We create our own. If we can prevent it; we will. We know you feel the same. That’s why our solutions do more than just augment regulation rules — they eliminate human error entirely by removing a reliance on dispatch communications or train crews. We feel it’s our collective responsibility to protect our workers, our equipment, and our environment.


Some of Our Customers

975 railway companies and customers served in 125 countries