Radio Control Devices.

The Activator radio control switch provides a simple method of remote control. Often used by train crews and operators of hi-rail vehicles to control lights, gates, etc., they are easy to install and simple to use.

The Activator radio control switch allows remote control by radio using DTMF digits. The Activator is available as a DC-powered device in a signal rack or wall mount configuration or as an AC-powered device enclosed in a steel cabinet.

The Remote Microphone and optional Remote Speaker Switch allow a worker to talk over a vehicle’s mobile radio from an external work station. A typical usage is with welding trucks used on railroads. The Remote Microphone can be configured for use with a number of different mobile radios.

The Radio DTMF Decoder was designed to fill a special testing need associated with Remote Controlled Locomotives (RCL). In this testing, the Radio DTMF Decoder is used to audibly monitor any radio transmission from the locomotive and to decode the emergency DTMF message, displaying it on the built-in LCD screen.

For over 30 years, Larry McGee Company has been designing and manufacturing communication and control devices.

The Larry McGee product line provides is designed for use in rugged industrial environment, with reliability and serviceability as key design criteria. Our customers include railroads (freight and passenger), locomotive builders, manufacturing companies and government entities.

Need more information about the Larry McGee product line?

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Radio Control Devices
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Radio Control Devices
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