Railroad Grade Crossing Lights (LEDs).

EveRRay – Guarding Millions of Crossings
Installs in minutes, survives knockdowns, and comes with a 10-year warranty

Miller Ingenuity has placed more than 125,000 LED crossing signal lights in service in over 16 years.

Our EveRRay LED crossing signal and gate arm light is made with polycarbonate, is self-contained, and is able to withstand extreme weather conditions and vandalism that could compromise the integrity of the light. Don’t believe us? Watch us drive over the light with our company van.

Many railroads are still using incandescent light bulbs for their crossing lights. Unlike the incandescent light, EveRRay includes multiple circuits so if one circuit happens to go out, the light is just going to keep on working.

EveRRay’s lifetime expectancy is far superior to incandescent lights. You would actually need to change out 280 incandescent lights to equal the lifetime of ONE of our EveRRay LED crossing signal lights.

Our 12” LED crossing signal light has both a Current Limiting Resistor and Regulated Power Supply model and are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed AREMA and Transport Canada specifications. It is also backed by a 10-year warranty. You will not find that anywhere else in the industry.

The EveRRay gate arm light has a low power consumption and is built to survive knock downs, reducing the need for constant replacement.

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