Larry McGee Company intercoms are used for simple office-to-office communications as well as being incorporated into vast communication networks, including VOIP/ROIP communication systems.

Our Intercoms are analog and, as such, offer great versatility. They are used for local communications connected via hard-wire, as well as, long-distance communications that are integrated into complex systems incorporating leased lines, micro-wave or other long distance voice transport methods. These intercoms can also be incorporated into popular VOIP systems.

We offer several models of intercoms designed for industrial use, with heavy duty metal housings and rugged, dependable circuitry. These analog intercoms operate at a nominal “0dBm,” but have a considerably wider range of acceptable levels for both transmit and receive. Additional standard features include:

  • Easy connection to audio lines via RJ-45 connectors
  • Jumper selectable: 4-Wire or 2-Wire and 600 Ohm or Hi-Z termination (2-Wire/Hi-Z allows several intercoms to be “daisy chained” together)
  • Microphone: MEMS microphone standard, gooseneck mounted dynamic microphone (e.g., Shure 561) optional
  • Cross-Mute capable
  • Foot switch option for push-to-talk
  • Auxiliary push-to-talk output relay contact can be configured to act as a Form A contact or to provide a ground signal when PTT is actuated
  • Optional Wall-Mounting brackets are available
  • External 12 volt DC power supply

For over 30 years, Larry McGee Company has been designing and manufacturing communication and control devices.

The Larry McGee product line provides is designed for use in rugged industrial environment, with reliability and serviceability as key design criteria. Our customers include railroads (freight and passenger), locomotive builders, manufacturing companies and government entities.

Need more information about the Larry McGee product line?

Contact: Brent Fransen, Technical Sales Manager: 507-452-2461 x233 or

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