Roadway Worker Protection System

ZoneGuard, an electronic roadway worker protection system, was engineered to meet the need for improved track worker safety within the rail industry.

The system works as a secondary warning device to help prevent common human error factors that contribute to close calls and tragic accidents for transit and freight workers such as fatigue, distractions, miscommunication, inexperience, or complacency.

ZoneGuard’s patented multiple and diverse sensor technologies set it apart from other legacy solutions. The sensors work together to ensure that track vehicles are detected consistently and accurately every time and in all conditions. Its proven accuracy has helped customers eliminate the chance of false alerts, that when occurring frequently, can give a false sense of security or wrongfully establish complacency among work crews.

ZoneGuard’s flexibility allows it to perform in unique settings including across multiple tracks, over bridges, under high power lines, within high-noise environments and through long curves and tunnels giving maintenance crews the ability to provide safer work zones wherever they need to operate.

The system can be configured to operate as a portable detection kit or be permanently installed along the right-of-way or installed within rail yards.