Network Interfaces.

Larry McGee Company’s Network Interface devices replace hard-wired voice communication lines with a network connection. The recurring cost of leased lines is eliminated, resulting in significant cost savings.

The Silver Box converts analog voice lines to digital VOIP “lines” without complex interfacing hassles. A pair of Silver Boxes, one at each end of the communication circuit, provides the gateway to your own private network or the public internet. Control tones such as DTMF and radio control tones are reliably transmitted.

Streamline Your Communication System with VoIP
As technology has continued to grow, more and more businesses and consumers are moving away from traditional analog communication systems running over copper in favor of digital communications, using existing network infrastructure, to be transmitted over the internet or over a local area network. Many of our customers are converting or have already converted to a digital dispatch or communication systems. However, customers are left needing to support multiple types of old analog endpoint devices such as telephones, intercoms, and PA systems. In order to interface with these devices, additional devices must often be installed in order to convert digital data into the analog signals supported by these endpoint devices, or our customers must replace these devices with off-the-shelf IP devices that are not built to the standard needed for a rugged railroad environment. This can become a maintenance nightmare! Customers are left choosing between supporting and maintaining multiple devices, or constantly replacing devices that are not built for the railroad. Miller Ingenuity has developed and released the Larry McGee VoIP Intercom to solve both of these problems.

For over 30 years, Larry McGee Company has been designing and manufacturing communication and control devices.

The Larry McGee product line provides is designed for use in rugged industrial environment, with reliability and serviceability as key design criteria. Our customers include railroads (freight and passenger), locomotive builders, manufacturing companies and government entities.

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Network Interfaces
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Network Interfaces
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Network Interfaces
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