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We’re out to position you as an industry leader in rail safety

About Us

Miller Ingenuity

Miller Ingenuity increases safety and productivity for railroad operators by inventing, engineering, and delivering high-technology, safety-critical solutions for railway worker protection. Our frontline defense solutions empower railway transportation companies to focus on their work with complete peace of mind

We’re out to position you as an industry leader in rail safety.

You mobilize passengers and freight. At Miller Ingenuity, we mobilize you by designing and delivering high-technology safety systems and services that surpass rail-safety standards

Simply put: We create ultimate solutions for safety so you and your teams can enjoy complete peace of mind.

Longer work windows. Increased train velocity. Greater safety.

Safety isn’t just your main concern; it’s our main concern. That’s why each piece of hardware, software, firmware, and sensor we create is designed and delivered with the safety of your railway workers in mind.

But greater safety doesn’t have to mean greater burden. In fact, the ZoneGuard suite of products contributes to improved operating ratios and higher train velocities, while keeping your workers safe — with zero onboard equipment.

Improved operating ratios? Yes. ZoneGuard increases available track maintenance time by automatically detecting a train in a protected work zone and alarming all workers at once.

Improved train velocity? Absolutely. ZoneGuard enables trains to move through the work zone efficiently as each worker is assigned a personal alert device to notify the Employee-in-Charge (EIC) when they are safely clear from the tracks.

Greater safety? Always. ZoneGuard has performed flawlessly in all tests, with 100% detection of oncoming trains.

Zero Tolerance for error.

At Miller Ingenuity, we don’t wait for mandates. We create our own. If we can prevent it; we will.

We know you feel the same. That’s why our solutions do more than just augment regulation rules — they eliminate human error entirely by removing a reliance on dispatch communications or train crews.

We feel it’s our collective responsibility to protect our workers, our equipment, and our environment.

Your people are your best assets. Our people are ours.

Our life-saving, high-technology products protect your company, but most importantly, they protect your people.

Our solutions not only help you prevent hazards involving your crew, passengers, and freight; they help you gain a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining skilled workers.

When it comes to innovation, we put our money where our mouths are.

Innovation might just be a buzzword to you, but it’s the way we live at Miller Ingenuity.

We’re a company that resonates with innovation. In fact, we broke the mold in 2014 when we spent half a million dollars — not on a machine tool — but on an innovation space within our headquarters, designed to encourage innovative thought. We’ve planted the seeds for innovation, and now it literally flows from inside.

Innovation, by the numbers.

  • 240 | rail-focused patents
  • 975 | railway companies and customers served
  • 60 | years in the industry
  • 30-120 minutes | average time saved per day in workplace productivity for our customers
  • 125 | countries served

We don’t just innovate to innovate. We innovate to disrupt — because we’re not okay with the status quo, and you need not be, either.

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