Larry McGee: a Trusted Name in Communication and Control Devices


A Member of the Miller Ingenuity Product Line!

For over 30 years, Larry McGee Company has been designing and manufacturing communication and control devices.

The Larry McGee product line provides is designed for use in rugged industrial environment, with reliability and serviceability as key design criteria. Our customers include railroads (freight and passenger), locomotive builders, manufacturing companies and government entities.

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Larry McGee Company intercoms are used for simple office-to-office communications as well as being incorporated into vast communication networks, including VOIP/ROIP communication systems.

Locomotive Radio Control Panels

Train crews across North America depend on Larry McGee Company's Locomotive Radio Panels for reliable communication between train conductors and dispatchers.

Radio Control Devices

The Activator radio control switch provides a simple method of remote contorl. Often used by train crews and operators of hi-rail vehicles to control lights, gates, etc., they are easy to install and simple to use.


Larry McGee Company’s Network Interface devices replace hard-wired voice communication lines with a network connection. The recurring cost of leased lines is eliminated, resulting in significant cost savings.