Ingenuity in Engineering Design and Development

Accruing continuous improvement and expansion of capabilities


Engineering, Design & Development

We welcome the challenge to invent, design and produce new solutions.

We have paced the industry as the original inventor and manufacturer of traction motor lubricators and gear case seals for all domestic locomotives manufacturers, past and present. Our truck parts kits introduced new levels of flexibility, ease of use, and completeness.

Our enginnering and design capabilities include:

  • CAD / CAM
  • Machining Centers for Prototyping and Tooling
  • Inspection CMMs (Coordinate-Measuring Machines)

We never stop expanding our product offerings. We have added the capability to manufacture tough wear parts: pedestal liners, wear plates and center pin bushings for locomotive and railcar trucks or bogies. We hold more than 240 patents for rail component innovations.

Process Capabilities

Combining materials, applications, and processes in new and valuable ways.

We provide simple solutions across a broad range of applications, including:

  • Specialized urethanes for lubricant sealing in gear boxes
  • Super tough plastics for anyplace that experiences high wear
  • Rubber over-molded parts to dampen vibrations
  • Machined steel parts and small fabricated parts used anywhere on locomotives and rail cars
  • High strength tubing for fluid transfer on locomotive engines

We are dedicated to continuous improvement of our processes and the expansion of our capabilities to meet customers’ evolving needs.

Rapid Response

Assessing needs and requirements, returning with answers … fast.

We work with a sense of urgency, because your problems demand urgent solutions. Our sales relationship team, product development engineers, and the operations people walk customers’ shop floors to assess problems firsthand.

It’s there, where wrenches are turned, that we observe, question, and discover how we can help fix a problem, find a better solution than currently available, or re-engineer and improve an older part.

Our Customer Service and Operations people can turn on a dime when you have an emergency with an “out of service” locomotive. We take pride in getting you the parts you need when you need them.

Global Reach

Wherever you need a solution, we’re there.

We cover all the continents with 12 international representatives. Our parts are used on railroads in over 100 countries. Contact them anytime.

Ingenuity in Action

View our Pick to Light truck kitting process