Always There for Our Customers

Providing solutions to the current needs of our customers while establishing industry standards


Stymied? We invent new products and improve existing parts.

Whether customers seek our ideas and advice, need an older part re-engineered, or a new part developed from scratch, we put every available resource on the challenge.

For example, our truck parts kits set the industry standard for new levels of: 

  • Flexibility
  • Ease of use
  • Completeness

Similarly, we responded to the industry’s need for tough wear parts for locomotive and railcar trucks or bogies, including:

  • Pedestal liners
  • Wear plates
  • Center pin bushings

Other solutions include:

  • Specialized urethanes for lubricant sealing in gear boxes
  • Super tough plastics for anyplace that experiences high wear
  • Rubber over-molded parts that dampen vibration
  • Machined steel parts
  • Small fabricated parts
  • High strength tubing for fluid transfer on locomotive

We will do whatever it takes to deliver a satisfying, and often surprising, solution. We investigate all options, often bring forward multiple solutions, and assist in applications and installations to ensure total solution.