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We deliver custom-packed truck part kits, really fast; thanks to an always in-stock inventory


When designing a product, who better to speak to than the customer USING the product?

To understand exactly which parts our customers needed (and in what order) in their truck parts kits, we took the guy who packs the kit on our shop floor in Winona to the team who unpacks the kit on the customer’s shop floor to talk about how we could pack their parts for maximum efficiency. We are firm believers in face-to-face conversations.

How thinking INSIDE the box created a new standard for the industry

By talking with our customers, we learned how to build and pack a better box. Our kits contain all of the necessary parts (and no unnecessary parts), which have been designed to meet OEM specifications. We box them for easy handling and pack the parts in the precise order needed when they are unpacked on the shop floor. This level of customization became the industry standard.

Whether you need a single part or a box full, we know innovation starts with conversation and observation.

We can help you determine the individual part or parts you need. In addition, we have a large in-stock inventory so you can expect fast delivery.

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