2017 NRC-REMSA Conference and Expo Wrap-Up


Our first 2017 conference is officially in the books! We’ve had a week to reflect on the individuals we met in Boca Raton and couldn’t be more excited to continue promoting our revolutionary safety products. This was the first time we exhibited at the NRC-REMSA Conference and Expo, so we really didn’t know what to expect. We found that this show represents a market segment that we think will be an adopter of roadway worker protection, making this a great addition to our show schedule.

Our booth was filled with a constant stream of attendees interested in our safety solutions, particularly ZoneGuard. The feedback we received from attendees seemed to be that ZoneGuard offered an excellent solution to roadway worker protection. We even met some independent contractors who were interested in adopting the technology, expressing concerns that they often feel vulnerable relying on safety protection from a dispatcher and train operator due to manual errors.

After watching our demo video, several attendees shared with us their personal experiences with rail safety. An industry veteran with 30+ years experience in track-work described a time during his career that his watchman became distracted enough that he didn’t see an approaching train. The watchman, whose only job is to watch for approaching trains, was struck and killed. In this real-life example, our system would have not only alerted the work crew of that approaching train, but would have also alerted the watchman as well. Human error happens. Adding an extra layer of protection to your existing safety solution is the right investment to make and keeps the safety and well-being of your crew in their own hands.

Didn’t get a chance to stop by our booth at the show? Check out our demo video and contact our sales team with any questions or to set up a demo on your property.

Kevin Smith
SVP Global Sales and Marketing

Phone: (904) 608-9676
Email: ksmith@milleringenuity.com

Joe Denny
Product & Market Specialist

Phone: (585) 223-1026
Email: jdenny@milleringenuity.com

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