Eliminating False Alerts with Roadway Worker Protection Systems


Imagine you are working with your crew and you are alerted by your electronic roadway worker protection system of an approaching train. Your EIC and crew members immediately move to a safe location away from the tracks and wait for the all-clear. Except, there is no train. Just another false alarm.

Now imagine you are a train operator and you receive an onboard alert from your electronic roadway worker protection system. You have had close calls in the past, and you never want to go through that again. You vigilantly scan the roadway ahead, desperately intent on spotting the work crew, but there is no work crew to be spotted. Just another false alarm.

There are RWP suppliers out there that haven’t harnessed technology to eliminate these costly false alarms. Miscommunication of false positives will wear down the reliability of the system and crew members will soon ignore the warnings altogether. This will at best result in a false sense of security, and at worse an ambivalent disregard for the effectiveness of the protection system. During a long shift, multiple instances of this situation occurring can ultimately put your team in harm’s way, decrease available time to complete maintenance of way work, and negatively impact your bottom line.

Adopting an electronic secondary protection system that eliminates false alerts, improves your operating ratio and, more importantly, SAVES LIVES is an important step in securing your crews safety and security.

ZoneGuard, Miller Ingenuity’s award-winning electronic RWP system has been painstakingly engineered to eliminate false alarms. We are the only RWP system on the market today that utilizes multiple diverse and redundant train detection sensors. We have perfected positive detection of track vehicles, and broadcast alerts only when track vehicles are detected. ZoneGuard operates effectively in all environments, including tunnels and bridges, tight curves, and off course in all weather conditions, day and night. And ZoneGuard is completely maintenance-free.

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