Keeping Your Employees and Customers Safe is Priority Number One


“60 Minutes” recently aired a very interesting report titled “How safe are our railroads?” (You can view the report in its entirety here.)

Even though this report focused on PTC integration, the statement highlighted below from the reporter to the chairman of the #NTSB hits on an important argument in the fight for developing and implementing innovative (and life-saving) technology in the rail industry.

There is a cost, and usually a significant one due to our country’s aging infrastructure, but we believe is it 100% worth it.

Over the years we’ve been advocating for rail worker safety through electronic roadway worker protection systems (eRWP). It’s been our mission to innovate a new safety solution and protect MOW workers who are vulnerable to human error factors that cause close calls and tragic accidents in active work zones.

Systems like PTC and eRWP are obvious solutions to a very important issue within the industry. Our CEO Steven L. Blue often speaks on the importance of investing in your people to help spark innovation and growth within your company. By implementing new rail safety technology, you are investing in your employees and customers first which will in turn not only save the lives of countless individuals but grow the industry as a whole through increased employee productivity and customer satisfaction and trust.

We as railroaders have the lives of our employees and our customers in our hands. Proactively implementing life-saving technology to keep our people safe should be a top priority. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

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