Miller Ingenuity Receives MN Governor’s Commendation for Rail Safety Product and Partnerships with Local Community Programs


Winona, MN – On October 10, 2019, Miller Ingenuity was presented with a Governor’s Commendation from Governor Tim Walz at the 2019 Manufacturing and Technology Luncheon hosted by the Winona Area Chamber of Commerce. The Commendation recognized the company’s continuing efforts in providing the local community’s youth with the resources they need to explore a variety of careers including those in manufacturing and STEM, as well as the creation of the innovative track worker protection system, ZoneGuard.

The Commendation reads: “In recognition of your vision, leadership, and investment in both industry and community endeavors. Your commitment and dedication to inventing, engineering, and delivering high-technology, safety-critical solutions for railway worker protection and providing essential resources to community programs, including a significant partner of the REACH initiative brings a great sense of pride to Minnesotans across the state.”

“It is with great honor that I accept this Commendation from the Governor on behalf of all the employees at Miller Ingenuity,” said Steve Blue, President and CEO of Miller Ingenuity. “Each one has worked extremely hard to help bring our rail safety and community engagement mission into reality. I always say that it is important to provide employees with the resources they need to succeed, and we have taken that theme and applied it to our community. When our students are able to engage with company leaders through the REACH Initiative, they are able to set themselves up for successful careers.”

“Miller Ingenuity has been essential to the success of the REACH initiative at the Winona Area Chamber of Commerce,” said Nicole Schossow, Program Manager, B.E.N./ REACH, Winona Area Chamber of Commerce. “Not only is Miller Ingenuity a Founding Partner, the employees there have provided support and guidance to our REACH students during their immersions and internships. Our REACH graduates will be highly desired employees thanks to the investment Miller Ingenuity has made in them. We are proud to partner with Miller Ingenuity in this and other initiatives.”

ZoneGuard™, Miller Ingenuity’s electronic roadway worker protection system, was engineered to meet the need for improved track worker safety within the rail industry. The system uses a patented combination of detection technologies to warn rail maintenance crews of incoming track vehicles within their work zones.

Miller Ingenuity became a founding partner of the REACH Initiative in April 2017. The program is designed to address the growing gap between employer needs and worker skills, ensuring that students will complete degree or certificate programs in areas where they will have meaningful employment options. It is designed to provide students training and experiences that go beyond academics, focusing on work ready soft skills, life skills, and personal character.

Download the full press release here.

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