Tech Tip Tuesday – Cast Iron Physical & Mechanical Properties


Do you know what you’re getting when you buy brake heads, spring seats or other cast iron parts?

There are several different types of cast iron and each have unique physical and mechanical properties. Some exhibit high compressive strength while others have good resistance to wear, but can be weak in tension and brittle.

At Miller Ingenuity, we make cast iron parts from ductile iron (as specified by the OEM). Ductile iron is known for its high strength and ductility as well as having greater impact and fatigue resistance. We source our cast iron parts from foundries who can show, through testing, that the parts they make meet or exceed the specifications of Ductile Iron. This ensures that the quality and reliability of the part is what you have come to expect from our company.

There is a clear advantage to using ductile iron as opposed to other cast iron parts, so before you make your next purchase, contact us to learn more about our safer and more reliable product.


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