The Relationship Between SIP and VoIP


Last month, we debuted our new Larry McGee VoIP Intercom system. This technology will allow voice calling using broadband internet instead of regular analog phone lines, reducing the cost of communications by sharing network infrastructure between data and voice. No more supporting or maintaining multiple devices not built for the railroad!

We have received some questions on the functionality of VoIP. Specifically, what is SIP? What is it used for? And, why does our VoIP intercom need it?

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is an industry standard communications protocol that is widely used for managing communication sessions such as VoIP calls. SIP is the network signaling protocol used to setup, connect, and disconnect VoIP communication sessions.

Our VoIP Intercom registers with a SIP server allowing the Intercom’s location to be known when it is required to receive an incoming call. Its location is then identified by an IP address and port number.

If you have more questions on the features of our VoIP Intercom system or would like to receive a quote, please reach out to our team for more information:

Matt Edmonds
Director of Technical Sales
(585) 469-2603 or

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