What can you find in our truck part kits? INNOVATION.


We noticed that our customers were frustrated with the way the industry supplied truck parts to their shops. Loosely packaged parts within a box would cause confusion and lacked efficiency. No two shops are ever the same, so why should they be receiving the same type of kit?

We knew there could be a better solution. So what did we do?

Our team decided that the best way to maximize our customer’s productivity was to fly to the customer’s shop floor and observe the individuals who actually unpack the kits. With their feedback, we determine what parts they want, and the order in which they need the parts packaged, to increase their efficiency.

The advantages to our kits?

  • Our parts are always in-stock.
  • Our kits can hold over 50 line items – that is a lot to keep track of! Don’t waste time organizing when we can do it for you.
  • The time and space needed to stage materials for a job could be greatly reduced with an organized, compact kit.
  • We don’t believe in a “one-size-fits-all” strategy. Our kits are CUSTOMIZED to meet your specifications.

This innovative process has set the standard for the industry and our kits are known for their accuracy and reliability.

We invite our customers to contact us to learn more about how our truck kits can benefit your organization.




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