What makes our wear parts the toughest in the industry?


All Miller Ingenuity wear parts are manufactured from Versylon, an impact modified nylon 66. Nylon 66, the predominant engineering thermoplastic, is known for its exceptional wear characteristics. What are not as intuitive are the benefits of impact modified nylon 66, like Versylon. Although most material evaluations for wear parts focus strictly on the coefficient of friction, our experience has shown us that most field failures are a result of cracking, especially in colder temperatures.

The rail environment is torturous with rolling stock having to endure high impact bumping and banging, not to mention the continuous vibration that leads to fatigue. This, along with enduring cold (subzero) and hot temperatures changes, is where impact modified nylon 66, like Versylon, excels.

For over 30 years, we have manufactured and sold hundreds of thousands of locomotive wear parts and have set the standard for durability and toughness in the most demanding railroad environments. Contact our sales team to learn more and to receive a quote on your next order.

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