Innovative Rail Products & Technology

Roadway worker protection system, traction motor gear case seals, locomotive truck kits, LED crossing and gate arm lights, Larry McGee communication and control devices, and more.

For over 77 years, Miller Ingenuity has provided innovative rail products and technologies to companies around the world. We know that your problems demand urgent solutions. Our employees will walk our customers’ shop floors to observe, question, and discover how we can help fix a problem, find a better solution than currently available, or re-engineer and improve an older part.

You can view a full list of our products here or check out a few of our highlighted products below:

ZoneGuard Roadway Worker Protection System

EveRRay Crossing Signal & Gate Arm Lights

Larry McGee Communication & Control Devices

Locomotive Truck Parts & Kits

Traction Motor Gear Case Seals

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