Traction Motor Gear Case Seal

Don't be fooled by imposter gear case seals and risk your safety with an inferior product!

Miller Ingenuity is the original patent holder, designer, manufacturer, and distributor of traction motor gear case seals for EMD and GE locomotives.

For over 35 years, we have provided our customers with a reliable and quality product that they can trust to keep their locomotives running safely and efficiently.

Our seals are made from thermosets that undergo cross linking during the manufacturing process, much like a rubber tire, and form a three-dimensional network that resists deformation under conditions of extended heat or stress. This solid foundation is what provides our customers with assurance that their locomotives will be leak free allowing for maximum productivity.

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Gearcase Seal Kits - Friction
Miller Part Number 1635-100 OEM Part Number 160X1026
Gearcase Seal Kits - Roller Brg
Miller Part Number 1662-100 OEM Part Number 40085989

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Miller Part Number

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