Preventing Fatal Railroad Accidents

Reliable and redundant technology for smarter worker protection


A Revolutionary Roadway Worker Protection System
by Miller Ingenuity

ZoneGuard, the most advanced RWP system on the market, provides reliable and accurate protection by leveraging modern technological advances. It is the only worker safety product on the market to utilize diverse and redundant train detection sensors connected to a wireless mesh data radio network. This provides coverage for long protection zones typically required on freight and passenger rail operations and virtually eliminates all false alerts caused by inaccurate detection typically found on other RWP systems on the market. ZoneGuard has also been successfully tested in challenging scenarios including through long curves, high noise urban environments, multi-track detection, and even directly under high power lines.

The system was specifically designed to meet FRA recommendations of adopting electronic protection to coincide with existing worker protection safety rules. ZoneGuard’s goal is not to replace, but to strengthen the standards that are in place for track worker safety.

Adopting ZoneGuard as your secondary worker protection system also increases your available track maintenance time. The RWIC and crew will receive an alert on their personal alert devices from a network of either portable or fixed train detection modules that detect track vehicles over multiple miles of railroad track. Once the train has cleared the zone, the RWIC can quickly return their crew members to the track, allowing for a safer and more efficient work zone as well as increasing train velocity.


  • WorldSafe Award Winner for Advancing Safety Technology in the Transportation Industry
  • Flexible to work with your unique operating environment
  • Battery operated
  • No on-board equipment required, eliminating costly installations
  • Thoroughly tested in all weather conditions, day or night
  • Self-healing radio connectivity
  • Alerts include wearable warning devices, strobes and sirens


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Senior VP Sales & Marketing

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Portable Train Detection Module //
Portable Train Alert Module

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Fixed Train Alert Module

Worker Alert Node - Railway Worker in Charge

Worker Alert Node - Watchman Lookout Wearable

Worker Alert Node - Worker Wearable

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