Preventing Fatal Railroad Accidents

Reliable and redundant technology for smarter worker protection


Introducing the Next Level of Rail Safety in Roadway Worker Protection

ZoneGuard provides highly reliable roadway worker protection by leveraging modern technology advances. This patent pending product is portable, easy to use and setup, and works day and night in all weather conditions, providing a new level of fail-safe protection for those working on the ground. ZoneGuard is designed to meet the FRA recommendation to adopt the use of electronic protection as a safety overlay to augment primary RWP rules. It is the only worker safety product on the market to utilize diverse and redundant train detection sensors connected to a wireless mesh data radio network. This provides coverage for very long protection zones typically required on freight and passenger rail operations. 

Adopting ZoneGuard as your secondary worker protection system also increases your available track maintenance time. The EIC and crew will receive an alert on their personal alert devices from portable and fixed modules that can detect incoming trains from over a six mile range over multiple tracks. Once the train has cleared the zone, the EIC can quickly return their crew members to the track, allowing for a safer and more efficient work zone as well as increasing train velocity.

2016/2017 WorldSafe Award Winner for Advancing Safety Technology in the Transportation Industry.

  • User friendly activation and deployment
  • No physical rail connection, portable, battery-operated
  • Wearable warning device-strobe, siren, vibration
  • Redundant and diverse train detection
  • Over 6 mile expandable protection zone
  • Self-healing radio connectivity
  • Designed to operate as an overlay to existing primary watchman protection

Miller Ingenuity is actively scheduling meetings with railroad executives, managers and potential users of Electronic Train Detection and Warning for Roadway Workers. Please contact us to ensure your voice is counted as we create this groundbreaking, next generation technology.

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