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Electronic Roadway Worker Protection Can Save Lives. Period.

For over 70 years, you have relied on Miller Ingenuity to provide you with high-performing, trustworthy solutions for your rail product needs. With our renewed mission to bring you safety driven solutions, and our continued promised to provide high-quality products, we are thrilled to provide you with an award-winning, superior roadway worker protection system. ZoneGuard is expertly engineered to coincide with your existing RWP procedures, providing your crew with a protection overlay that is the best on the market.





Portable/Fixed Train Detection

Customers can use either the ZoneGuard fixed or portable detection system. The portable kit is durable and lightweight enough (just under 5lbs) to easily transport the equipment from job site to job site and can be setup in minutes. The fixed system is permanently installed and provides 24/7 train tracking capabilities while being online ready to be used by any number of roadway workers, at any time, with no configuration or setup required.

Worker Wearable Devices

Three wearable devices, one for the RWIC, one for the watchman/lookout, and one for the crew, receive a signal from the portable or fixed system and alert the crew members of an incoming track vehicle.

Optional Onboard Unit

The optional onboard unit is installed within the locomotive cab and can give train operators a warning alert when they are approaching an active work zone. While the onboard unit is not required for the system to operate, it does provide another level of communication and safety for rail maintenance crews.

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